ECRIS 2008
18th International Workshop on ECR Ion Sources
Chicago, Illinois  USA - September 15 - 18, 2008
Chicago Skyline

Hosted by Argonne National Laboratory

Chicago Theater

Companions Program

Chicago is a large city with a metropolitan population of over 8 million people and has many world class tourist attractions.  A program of tours to some of the most interesting sites in the Chicago area will be offered to companions during the workshop and information will be provided to those planning to visit the city before or after the workshop.

Monday, Sept. 15:  Art Institute of Chicago

We will gather at our host hotel for a welcoming coffee at 9:00 am.  At 10:00 am we will walk to public transportation for a short trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, where we will spend the day wandering through its splendid collections.  Lunch is available at The Café, a casual, reasonably priced restaurant.  Though it is not possible to take in all of this great museum in one day, you should be able to find your favorite subjects, whether they be the renowned Impressionist Collection, the Thorne Miniature Rooms, the Oriental Collection, or the American Decorative Arts Collection.  The museum closes at 5:00 pm, and you are welcome to stay there all day.


Museum Admission:  $11
Lunch:  $10 - $15  (No set menu - go when you want, choose what you like)
Public Transportation:  $2 each way

Tuesday, Sept. 16:  Visit to the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and Robie House

The Oriental Institute houses a unique collection of archeological artifacts from the Middle East.  We will have a guided tour of the museum’s collection and an opportunity to visit one of the better museum shops in Chicago.  Before our bus takes us to lunch at a neighborhood restaurant we will visit the Henry Moore sculpture called "Atomic Energy", which is on the site of the first self sustained nuclear chain reaction.  The afternoon’s activity will be at one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous buildings, the newly restored Robie House, where we will be treated to a guided tour.  Our bus will return us at about 4:00 pm


Oriental Institute Admission:  $7
Lunch:  $10 - $15
Robie House Admission:  $10

Wednesday, Sept.  17:    Workshop Excursion - Architectural Tour


Thursday, Sept. 18:  On Your Own

You will be provided with maps and information about shopping and other attractions you may care to visit.