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New Aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions
Near the Coulomb Barrier
  September 22 - 26, 2008, Chicago, Illinois, USA



The contributions presented at the conference will be published on CD-ROM in the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Conference Proceedings series.

Title of the Volume:  FUSION08:  International Conference on Heavy Ion Collisions Near the Coulomb Barrier

Editors:  B. Back et al.

The contributions must be submitted in electronic form either as PDF or PS formats.  The instruction booklet for authors as well as Microsoft Word templates and LaTeX classes must be downloaded from the AIP website  Please remember that the papers will be reduced 15% during the printing process, therefore authors should make sure that their figures are large enough to withstand this reduction.

The website also contains the Transfer of Copyright form, the Offprint/Reprint Order form and information on how to obtain the necessary permission.  Each paper must be submitted together with a signed Transfer of Copyright form as well as all the necessary permissions for any material taken from other sources.

Please submit your files to (subject:  proceedings), calling them with your last name at the beginning, e.g. Smith.pdf.  For the Copyright, Permissions and Offprint/Reprint order, you can send them via fax (see number below) but we prefer to have them as pdf files, to be names as e.g. Smith_Copyright.pdf, Smith_Permissions.pdf and Smith_Reprint.  When you send your attachments, please, write down in the body of your message both the title of the contribution and the list of all the authors as they appear in your paper.

The deadline for submission of the contributions is fixed on November 9, 2008.  Please consider that this deadline is very strict, as we have precise agreements with AIP, which, if not respected, may cause the rejection of late contributions. 

The maximum length of papers is 8 pages for the 30 minutes, 6 pages for the 15 minutes and 20 minutes talks.