Physics Division Seminar

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Mondays at 3:30 PM

2014-2015 Program

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18 Aug 2014
Or Hen, Tel-Aviv University
Short-range correlations in imbalanced Fermi systems
Host: John Arrington
8 Sep 2014 Michael Strickland, Kent State University
The QCD EoS at finite temperature and chemical potential(s)
Host: Ian Cloët
15 Sep 2014 Brahim Mustapha, Argonne Physics Division
AIRIS: The Argonne In-flight Radioactive Isotope Separator
Host: Peter Ostroumov
22 Sep 2014 Artemis Spyrou, Michigan State University
Nuclear Physics Aspects of the Astrophysical p-process
Host: Calem Hoffman
30 Sep 2014
Jim Napolitano, Temple University
Neutrino Oscillations at Daya Bay: Latest Results
Host: Ian Cloët
6 Oct 2014 Joint Meeting of the Nuclear Physics Divisions of the APS and the PSJ,
Waikoloa, Hawaii, 7-11 Oct; No seminar
13 Oct 2014 Paul Souder, Syracuse University
Parity-Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering with SoLID at Jefferson Lab
Host: Ian Cloët
20 Oct 2014 Bronson Messer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory & University of Tennessee
Towards Predictive Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations
Host: Bob Wiringa
27 Oct 2014 Alexandros Gezerlis, University of Guelph
Quantum Monte Carlo with chiral Effective Field Theory Interactions
Host: Ian Cloët
3 Nov 2014 Rebecca Surman, University of Notre Dame
Nuclear Physics and the Origin of the Heavy Elements
Host: Jason Clark
10 Nov 2014 Christoph Langer, Michigan State University
Type I X-ray bursts: How Nuclear Physics Shapes the Explosion
Host: Ian Cloët
17 Nov 2014
Bldg 203
John Hardy, Texas A&M University
Testing the Standard Model via Superallowed Nuclear Beta Decay
Host: Jason Clark
24 Nov 2014
Bldg 203
Charles Hyde, Old Dominion University
Three-Dimensional Imaging of Quarks and Gluons
Host: Ian Cloët
1 Dec 2014
Bldg 203
Patrick Huber, Virginia Tech
Sterile Neutrinos -- Fact or Fiction?
Host: Ian Cloët
8 Dec 2014
Bldg 203
Jorge Morfin, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
The Challenging Role of the Nucleus in Neutrino Scattering Experiments
Host: Ian Cloët
15 Dec 2014
Bldg 203
Michael Döring, The George Washington University
Baryon spectroscopy: new results and perspectives
Host: Ian Cloët
22 Dec 2014 Christmas & New Year Holidays; No seminar
29 Dec 2014 Christmas & New Year Holidays; No seminar
5 Jan 2015
Bldg 203
Nikolai Tolich, University of Washington
Determining the nature of neutrinos and using them to study the sun:
Results and prospects from SNO and SNO+

Host: Ian Cloët
12 Jan 2015
Bldg 203
Fulvia Pilat, Jefferson Lab
Design of an Electron Ion Collider at Jefferson Laboratory
Host: Peter Ostroumov
19 Jan 2015
Bldg 203
Michael Bishof, Argonne Physics Division
The First Experimental Limit on the EDM of 225Ra
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
26 Jan 2015
Bldg 203
Craig Roberts, Argonne Physics Division
Hadron Physics and QCD: Just the Basic Facts
Host: Ian Cloët
2 Feb 2015 Rescheduled to 11 May
9 Feb 2015
Bldg 203
Igor Aronson, Argonne Materials Science Division
Phase-field model of collective cell migration
Host: Ian Cloët
16 Feb 2015
Bldg 203
Chen-Yu Xu, Argonne Physics Division
Studies of Neutral Ytterbium Atoms in a Solid Neon Matrix
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
23 Feb 2015
Bldg 203
Helena David, Argonne Physics Division
Enhanced fission stability of K isomers in superheavy nuclei: the case of 254Rf
Host: Dariusz Seweryniak
2 Mar 2015
Saori Pastore, University of South Carolina
Electromagnetic Structure of Light Nuclei from Chiral Effective Field Theory
Host: Robert Wiringa
9 Mar 2015 Daniel Bardayan, University of Notre Dame
Nova Nucleosynthesis and Production of the Radioisotope 18F
Host: Ian Cloët
16 Mar 2015 Cédric Lorcé, Stanford University, & Universities Liège
Angular momentum decomposition in gauge theories
Host: Ian Cloët
23 Mar 2015 Sofia Quaglioni, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Continuum and Three-Nucleon Forces in Light Nuclei
Host: Ian Cloët
30 Mar 2015 Stan Brodsky, SLAC
Novel QCD Phenomena and New Perspectives for Hadron Physics from Light-Front Holography
Host: Ian Cloët
6 Apr 2015 Jochen Wambach, Technische Universität Darmstadt
In-Medium Spectral Functions from the Functional Renormalization Group
Host: Ian Cloët
13 Apr 2015 APS Spring Meeting, 11 -- 14 April; No seminar
20 Apr 2015 Carl Svensson, University of Guelph
Decay Spectroscopy at the TRIUMF-ISAC Facility
Host: Benjamin Kay
27 Apr 2015 Gerald Miller, University of Washington
New Developments in the Proton Radius Puzzle
Host: Ian Cloët
3:00 PM,
28 Apr 2015
Paul Hamilton, U. California, Berkeley
What Can Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Experiments Tell Us About the Universe?
Host: John Arrington
4 May 2015 Matthew Sternberg, U. Washington
Searches for Chirality-Flipping Interactions in Nuclear Beta Decay
Host: John Arrington
10:30 AM,
7 May 2015
Shih-Kuang (Zeke) Tung, Northwestern University
Few-Body Physics in Ultracold Atoms: Observation of Geometric Scaling Symmetry in Li-Cs-Cs Efimov States
Host: John Arrington
11 May 2015 Dave Gaskell, Jefferson Lab
Exploring the Electromagnetic Structure of the Pion
Host: Ian Cloët
10:00 AM,
12 May 2015
Matt Dietrich, Northwestern University
The Search for Radium's Electric Dipole Moment
Host: John Arrington
18-22 May 2015 21st IUPAP Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics,
Chicago, Illinois, 18-22 May
18 May 2015 Y. H. Zhang, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Precision mass measurements of short-lived nuclides at storage ring in Lanzhou
Host: Shaofei Zhu
25 May 2015 Memorial Day -- No seminar
28 May 2015
Jie Meng, Peking University
Continuum Coupling and Deformation Effects in Exotic Nuclei
Host: Robert Janssens
15 June 2015 David Wilson, Jefferson Lab & Old Dominion University
Resonances in coupled-channel scattering from lattice QCD
Host: Ian Cloët
3:30 PM
24 June 2015
Ushasi Datta Pramanik, Saha Institute Of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India
Coulomb breakup of neutron-rich nuclei around island of inversion to explore ground state configuration
Host: Birger Back

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Janet Bergman, Secretary (630-252-4085, mail)

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