Theory Seminar Schedule

Seminars are usually held in room B-221 of the Physics Building (203) at 3:00 pm.

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Aroow Thursday
04 December 2014
Jorge Segovia
Argonne National Lab,
Argonne, IL
Nucleon and Delta Elastic and Transition Form Factors
Special Day:
15 October 2014
Noemi Rocco
INFN & Sapienza Universita of Roma, Italy
Two particle-two hole final states in neutrino-nucleus interactions and the axial mass puzzle
Special Day:
14 October 2014
Guillaume Hupin
LLNL, University of Notre Dame (visiting) and ANL (visiting)
From the Chiral Nuclear Interaction to Ab Initio Description of Light-ion Fusion Reactions
Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tuesday
2 September 2014
Cédric Mezrag
IRFU, SPhN, Saclay
Computing the Pion Generalized Parton Distribution

Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tuesday
10 June 2014
Guorong (Fan) Wang
Nanjing University,
Problems related to gauge invariance, Lorentz covariance and canonical quantization applied in nucleon structure study
Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tuesday
22 April 2014
Phiala Shanahan
University of Adelaide,
Electromagnetic form factors of the octet baryons from lattice QCD
Special Day:
3:00pm Tuesday
1 April 2014
Pengwei Zhao
Peking University,
Novel Nuclear Structure from Covariant Density Functional
Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tuesday
11 February 2014
Timothy Hobbs
Indiana University,
Bloomington, IN
Nonperturbative aspects of hadron structure phenomenology
Special Day:
4 February 2014
Daekyoung Kang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Cambridge, MA
Cold atoms from few-body physics: Application of Pionless EFT
30 January 2014
Lingyun Dai
Newport News, VA
Comprehensive Amplitude analysis of two photon processes
23 January 2014
Xilin Zhang
Ohio University,
Athens, OH
Radiative capture study in a EFT plus ab initio calculations approach: Lithium-7(neutron,photon)Lithium-8 and Beryllium-7(proton,photon)Boron-8
14 November 2013
Jorge Segovia
Argonne National Lab,
Argonne, IL
Explanations and predictions from QCD's DSEs
Special Day:
27 August 2013
Emil Ryberg
Chalmers University of Technology

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