Theory Seminar Schedule

Seminars are usually held in room B-221 of the Physics Building (203) at 3:00 pm.

Click on a title to read an abstract, if available (underlined).
24 August 2017
Nabil Chouika
Covariant extension of Generalized Parton Distributions
8 June 2017 Leonard Gamberg
Penn State Berks
The 3-D Partonic Structure of the Nucleon
Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tuesday
18 April 2017
Sarah Wesolowski
Ohio State University
Bayesian truncation errors in chiral effective field theory
Special Day:
12 April 2017
Jozef Dudek
College of William and Mary / Jefferson Lab
Coupled-channel meson resonances from QCD
9 March 2017 Artur Ankowski
Virginia Tech
Nuclear Effects in Neutrino and Electron Interactions
23 February 2017 Thomas Klähn
University of Wroclaw
Quark Matter in Neutron Stars
9 February 2017 Aleksandr Dubinin
University of Wroclaw
Mott-hadron resonance gas and lattice QCD thermodynamics
Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tuesday
7 February 2017
Shaoyang Jia
College of William and Mary,
Williamsburg, VA
Gauge covariance of the Schwinger-Dyson equations for QED propagators in Minkowski space
Special Time:
26 January 2017
Khépani Raya
Michoacan, Mexico
Computing and explaining parton distributions within hadrons
Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tuesday
24 January 2017
Timothy Hobbs
University of Washington,
Seattle, WA
Quark models for the nucleon on the light-front and in Euclidean space
Special Time:
12 January 2017
Alessandro Baroni
Old Dominion University,
Norfolk, VA
Nuclear axial currents in chiral EFT and applications to few-nucleon systems
Special Day & Time:
10:30am Tuesday
10 January 2017
Fei Gao
Peking University,
Beijing, China
Hadron Structure in Continuum-QCD

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