Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

2015-2016 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

11 Sep 2015 B. Alex Brown, Michigan State University
Double Beta Decay and the Nuclear Shell Model
Host: Richard Chasman
18 Sep 2015 Andrew Geraci, University of Nevada, Reno
Hunting for axions and new short-range gravitational forces using resonant sensors
Host: Jerry Nolen
25 Sep 2015 Bryce Littlejohn, Illinois Institute of Technology
Probing Mysteries In Particle Physics With Neutrino Oscillations
Host: Don Geesaman
2 Oct 2015 S. Mark Ammons, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Trails and Dead Bodies: Directly Characterizing Extrasolar Planets with Adaptive Optics
Host: Jerry Nolen
9 Oct 2015 Elena Rozhkova and Tijana Rajh, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory
Cancer Nanotechnology: At the Interface of Engineered Nanomaterials and Living Systems
Host: Andreas Roelofs
16 Oct 2015 Steve Gourlay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
High Field Magnets for a Future High Energy proton-proton Collider
Host: Rik Yoshida
23 Oct 2015 No colloquium
30 Oct 2015 2015 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 28-31 Oct
6 Nov 2015 Bobby Kasthuri, Nanoscience and Technology Division, Argonne National Laboratory
The BRAIN Initiative
Host: Andreas Roelofs
13 Nov 2015 Don Geesaman, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Reaching for the Horizon: The 2015 NSAC Long Range Plan
Host: Richard Chasman
20 Nov 2015 Jack Gilbert, Biosciences Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Invisible Influence: Exploring the human microbiome
Host: Richard Pardo
27 Nov 2015 Thanksgiving - No colloquium
4 Dec 2015 Gaute Hagen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Advances in coupled‐cluster computations of nuclei
Host: Melina Avila Coronado
11 Dec 2015 Physics Division Holiday Party - No colloquium
18 Dec 2015
25 Dec 2015 Christmas - No colloquium
1 Jan 2016 New Year's - No colloquium
8 Jan 2016 Michael Levin, Univeristy of Chicago
The Puzzling Boundaries of Topological Quantum Matter
Host: Jason Clark
15 Jan 2016 Chris Sorensen, Kansas State University
Of Soot and Sunflowers
Host: Jason Clark
22 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016
5 Feb 2016
12 Feb 2016 Cliff Frohlich, University of Texas
Fracking and Earthquakes
Host: Jason Clark
19 Feb 2016
26 Feb 2016
4 Mar 2016
11 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016
25 Mar 2016 Gabriella Sciolla, Brandeis University
Latest Results from the LHC
Host: Rik Yoshida
1 Apr 2016 Reserved
8 Apr 2016 John Madey, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Free Electron Lasers
Host: Jason Clark
15 Apr 2016 APS April Meeting 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah, 16-19 Apr
22 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016
6 May 2016
13 May 2016 Daryl Haggard, McGill University
Collision between "G2" and our local supermassive black hole
Host: Jason Clark
20 May 2016
27 May 2016

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2015-2016 Committee

Melina Avila Coronado (252-4060, mail)
Birger Back (252-3618, mail)
Jason Clark (Chair) (252-4035, mail)
Richard Chasman (252-3614, mail)
Don Geesaman (252-4059, mail)
Jerry Nolen (Past Chair) (252-6418, mail)
Richard Pardo (252-4029, mail)
Murray Peshkin (252-4061, mail)
Andreas Roelofs (NST) (252-2504, mail)
Kenneth Teh (252-3073, mail)
Rik Yoshida (HEP) (252-7874, mail)
Secretary Colleen Tobolic (252-3663, mail)
Web Guy Robert Wiringa (252-6134, mail)
Phone numbers are area code 630