Nuclear Physics, the Core of Matter, the Fuel of Stars

PDF files of most of the talks are available by clicking on the title.

Gordon Cates, U. Virgina,
    Nuclear matter and electromagnetic probes in the 21st century [6.6 Mbyte]
Osvaldo Civitarese, U. La Plata,
    DBD-NME in the QRPA method: a critical review
Stuart Freedman, U.C. Berkeley,
    "I am not very happy about this!" and the search for exotica in science [4.5 Mbyte]
Walter Henning, GSI,
    The landscape of nuclei: How far, how soon? [5.8 Mbyte]
Franco Iachello, Yale University,
    Nuclei:A testing ground for fundamental concepts in physics
Zheng-tian Lu, Argonne,
    Helium: probing the exotic and searching for the strange
Augusto Macchiavelli, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory,
    Transfer reactions and nuclear structure: The road ahead
Ben Mottelson, NORDITA,
    Do we properly understand the basis for independent particle motion in nuclei?
Takaharu Otsuka, U. Tokyo,
    Structure of exotic nuclei and the nuclear force
John Schiffer, Argonne,
Michael Turner, U. of Chicago,
    Nuclear astrophysics: From the beginning of time until the end of the Universe [3.6 Mbyte]
William A. Zajc, Columbia U.,
    New dimensions in relativistic heavy-ion collisions [34 Mbyte power point]