June 18-21 2012 | Chicago, IL USA

Hosted by Argonne National Laboratory

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On behalf of Argonne National Laboratory and the conference organizing committee, we would like to welcome our industrial exhibitors at the 12th International Conference on Heavy Ion Accelerator Technology (HIAT2012) taking place
June 18-21, 2012 at the Chicago History Museum in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


HIAT2012 is an international conference dedicated to the design, construction, development and operation of heavy-ion accelerators and their components. It focuses on the operational experience of existing facilities, achievements in heavy-ion accelerator physics and technology, progress on the implementation of new projects and infrastructure upgrades, and trends in the proposal and design of heavy ion accelerators as well as their main systems and components. The conference program will consist of oral and poster sessions from more than 100 experts in the fields of particle accelerators, ion sources, and their industrial applications.

Exhibition days will be June 19th and 20th (Tuesday and Wednesday) with exhibitors located in the Chicago Room of the History Museum, adjacent to the session location and in the same area as the coffee breaks. Included in the vendor fee is registration for one representative, a 6’x30” table with two chairs, access to 115 V electrical power, wireless internet access, inclusion of your company literature in the conference bag, your company name in the program, and a link to your company on the conference website.

Please feel free to contact Rick Vondrasek at Vondrasek@anl.gov for further information. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago in 2012.



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