Francesco Iachello, Yale University
Cluster Structure of Light Nuclei
Argonne Physics Division Colloquium - 30 Sep 2016
11:00 AM, Building 203 Auditorium

A novel approach to clustering in light nuclei, the Algebraic Cluster Model (ACM), will be introduced and used to describe energy levels, electromagnetic transition rates, and form factors in electron scattering, for kα-structures with k=2 (8Be, Z2 symmetry), k=3 (12C, D3h symmetry) and k=4 (16O, Td symmetry). Recent experimental evidence for a triangular-like structure with D3h symmetry in 12C, Fig.1, including both the ground state band and the Hoyle state band, will be presented. Finally, current work on clustering in kα-structures + x-neutrons (-protons) will be presented for k=2, x=1 (9Be and 9B), k=3, x=1 (13C and 13N) and k=4, x=1 (17O and 17F).

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