This workshop at Argonne National Laboratory will explore opportunities for applying methods and technologies from Quantum Information Science to the most challenging problems in Nuclear Physics. It is a two-and-a-half day workshop that will take place March 28-30, 2018.

Mission Statement:

The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Physics (ONP) has expressed interest in Quantum Information Science (QIS) in the context of nuclear physics. Therefore, a three-day workshop, entitled Intersections between Nuclear Physics and Quantum Information, will be held March 28-30, 2018 to discuss possible opportunities for nuclear physics studies within QIS. The workshop will explore areas in quantum simulation, sensing, and imaging, where DOE Office of Science assets can make powerful contributions, and conversely, how these technologies can impact nuclear physics.

This workshop will build upon the symposium Quantum Computing: Beginnings to Current Frontiers, which was held in the Physics Division on May 26-27, 2016, and brought together leading experts in quantum computing, including a Nobel Prize winner. This workshop will be broader in scope, bringing together international experts in quantum computing, material science, and nuclear physics to explore the intersections between nuclear physics and quantum information science. The workshop will begin the process of developing a road map for quantum computing in nuclear physics. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Quantum computing and simulation;
  • Quantum sensing and imaging;
  • Quantum information theory;
  • Quantum hardware advances and qubit technologies, e.g., trapped ions and atoms, electron spins in solid state devices, and superconducting qubits;
  • Quantum simulation of physical systems, e.g., the simulation of quantum field theories such as QCD, including time-dependent processes, equilibrium and non-equilibrium phases, and finite-temperature phenomena.

Confirmed speakers:


The workshop will be held in the Physics Division at Argonne National Laboratory, which is located about 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. The talks will be in (to be determined).

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Intersections between Nuclear Physics and Quantum Information

This workshop will explore synergies between quantum information science and nuclear physics.

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