AYEball User Guide


AYEball (Argonne, Yale, European) is an array of up to 20 germanium detectors located at the target position of the FMA. It contains 9 EUROGAM shields, 9 TESSA style shields, 7 EUROGAM Ge's, 1 GAMMASPHERE prototype Ge, 1 Yale 70% Ge, and an assortment of 25% Ge's or LEPS's filling the TESSA shields. The array is at Argonne this Fall for a wide variety of experiments at the FMA. Below is a list of topics describing the features and procedures of AYEball. More details will appear as we get used to running on the array.
Alas, AYEball is no more. On December 5, 1995 it was swiftly dismantled, wrapped, and boxed in time for Christmas back home.
Stay tuned for GAMMASPHERE at the FMA



Last updated: May 23, 1996 (D.J. Blumenthal, djb@sun0.phy.anl.gov)