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Dynamics of Symmetry Breaking

A Workshop sponsored by the ANL/UChicago Joint Theory Institute

April 13-17, 2009

Argonne National Laboratory,  IL

The Joint Theory Institute (JTI) is a multi-disciplinary research institution jointly supported at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory to enhance  collaborative research between both institutions in the broad area of theory. This year JTI sponsors a workshop the aim of which is to explore the dynamics of symmetry breaking in a broad range of systems from nuclear physics to string theory, using theoretical insights such as Dyson-Schwinger equations formalism, gauge/gravity duality and lattice QCD. We will focus on systems which exhibit dynamical symmetry breaking and will cover topics essential for understanding nonperturbative QCD and physics of quark-gluon plasma.


        Program Coordinators: Hovhannes Grigoryan & Alexander Velytsky 

    List of External Participants:

  • Thomas Appelquist (Yale)
  • Ian Balitsky (Jefferson Lab)
  • Patrick Bowman (Massey U., Albany)
  • Stanley Brodsky (SLAC)
  • Carl Carlson (William and Mary)
  • Yuri Kovchegov (Ohio State U.)
  • Yannick Meurice (University of Iowa)
  • Dominik Nickel (MIT)
  • Andrei Parnachev (Stony Brook University)
  • Shigeki Sugimoto (Tokyo U., IPMU)
  • Peter Tandy (Kent State U.)
  • Ho-Ung Yee (ICTP, Trieste)

    List of Local Participants:

  • Eduard Antonyan (Imperial College)
  • Bruno El-Bennich (Argonne, PHY)
  • Geoff Bodwin (Argonne, HEP)
  • Sophia Domokos (UChicago, EFI)
  • Hovhannes Grigoryan (Argonne, PHY)
  • Jeff Harvey (UChicago, EFI)
  • Richard Hill (UChicago, EFI)
  • Paul Hohler (UIC)
  • Thomas Klaehn (Argonne, PHY)
  • David Kutasov (UChicago, EFI)
  • James Osborn (Argonne, ALCF)
  • Craig Roberts (Argonne, PHY)
  • Donald Sinclair (Argonne, HEP)
  • Misha Stephanov (UIC)
  • Xavier G. Tormo (Argonne, HEP)
  • Alexander Velytsky (Argonne, UChicago, EFI)
  • Carlos Wagner (Argonne, HEP, UChicago, EFI)
  • Ross Young (Argonne, PHY)
  • Cosmas Zachos (Argonne, HEP)

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