Twentieth anniversary of Argonne V18 Celebration, March 27, 2015


We will have a one-day celebration of the 20th anniversary of Argonne V18. The speakers will be John Arrington, Joseph Carlson, Rocco Schiavilla, Ingo Sick, and Robert Wiringa. Click on the license plate for more information.

Theory Group

Theoretical research in Argonne's Physics Division addresses a broad range of problems involving the stucture and dynamics of hadrons and nuclei. There is a strong emphasis on comparison to data provided by experimental groups at Argonne and at other facilities around the world. A brief overview of our program is available here.

In more detail, the principal areas of research include those described below:

Several of these projects require major numerical simulations using massively parallel state-of-the-art computers, including the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility's IBM Blue Gene/Q (Mira) and the Laboratory Computer Resource Center's Linux cluster (Blues). Many projects also involve collaborators at US and foreign universities, and other national laboratories.


Quantum Monte Carlo for Light Nuclei

For a cool poster of current results click here.