Medium Energy Physics Seminar

Conference Room Rm R-150, Building 203,
Argonne National Laboratory
at 3:30 pm

Josh Abney
JILA/University of Kentucky
Experiments with Strongly Interacting Fermions
Host: Matt Dietrich
21 June 2018
Magnetic Faraday rotation offers a new method to probe limits on properties of simple spin systems such as the possible magnetic moment of asymmetric dark matter or as a polarization monitor for polarized targets. Theoretical calculations predict the expected rotations of linearly polarized light due to the magnetization of spin ½ particles are close to or beyond the limit of what can currently be measured experimentally (10-9 rad). Nuclear spin polarized 3He provides an ideal test system due to its simple structure and ability to achieve high nuclear spin polarization via spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP). To maximize the expected signal from 3He, a SEOP system is built with a narrowband pumping laser and a 3He target designed to use with a multipass cavity. Additionally, a sensitive apparatus for polarimetry is utilized and further developed to detect Faraday rotations on the order of nanoradians. The results of the measurement of the magnetic Faraday effect will be presented.

Debbie Beres, Secretary (+1-630-252-4100, )

Paul E. Reimer
18 June 2018