Medium Energy Physics Seminar

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Thursdays at 10:00 AM

Zhihong Ye

Duke University

Explore 3D Structure of the Nucleon with SoLID

Host: John Arrington

26 June 2015 10 am

I will briefly discuss the topics of transverse momentum distributions (TMDs) and generalized parton distributions (GPDs), which enable us to extend the understanding of the nucleon's inner structure to a 3 dimensional picture and give access to the contribution of the quark's and gluon's orbital angular momenta to the nucleon spin. I will then present the future measurements, by using a proposed Solenoidal Large Intensity Device (SoLID) in Hall A, to study TMDs via semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering with polarized targets and GPDs with deep virtual Compton scattering and other processes. In the end I will introduce to you the SoLID instrumentation and the current status.

Kawtar Hafidi, MEP Seminar Chairwoman (630-252-4012, mail)

Debbie Beres, Secretary (630-252-4100, mail)

Paul E. Reimer
22 June 2015