Medium Energy Physics Seminar

Conference Room Rm R-150, Building 203,
Argonne National Laboratory
at 10:00 AM

Leonidas Aliaga Soplin
William and Mary
Calculating the flux for neutrino beams
Host: John Arrington
Tuesday 14 July 2015 10:30 am

The neutrino flux determination is been a challenge for current and future short and long baseline neutrino experiments. The uncertainties associated with the production and attenuation of the hadrons in the beamline materials along with those associated to the beam optics have a big effect in the flux spectrum. For experiments like MINERvA, understanding the flux is crucial since it enters directly into every measurement of neutrino-nucleus cross-sections. I will describe the methods that I am using to predict the neutrino flux, including the use of dedicated measurements of hadron production in hadron-nucleus collisions, and the use of some in-situ MINERvA data. I will show our current flux predictions and uncertainties as well as commenting on progress that will be made in the near future. This includes the prospects for predicting the flux at MicroBooNE and the NOvA Near detector, and the impacts my work will have on future hadron production experiments and on determining the flux for LBNF.

Kawtar Hafidi, Chairwoman (+1-630-252-4012,

Debbie Beres, Secretary (+1-630-252-4100, )

Paul E. Reimer
13 July 2015