Medium Energy Physics Seminar

Conference Room Rm R-150, Building 203,
Argonne National Laboratory
at 10:00 AM

Emmanouil Kargiantoulkis
University of Virginia
The Q-weak Experiment: Early Results and Current Status
Host: John Arrington
9 July 2015

The Q-weak Collaboration performed a measurement of the parity-violating asymmetry in elastic e-p scattering at a low Q2 of 0.025 GeV2. First results were released from the commissioning run of the experiment and will be reported here. A combination with previous results from parity-violating electron scattering on nuclear targets helps constrain hadronic uncertainties and allows the first determination of the weak charge of the proton. The result from the full Q-weak statistics is expected to yield the most precise extraction of the weak mixing angle below the Z resonance, thus providing a stringent test of the Standard Model and constraining new physics models at the TeV-scale. The current status will be presented, with emphasis on analysis techniques to control false asymmetries. References will be made to valuable lessons learned from Q-weak experience in the context of requirements for MOLLER, the next-generation measurement of parity-violation in Jefferson Lab.

Kawtar Hafidi, Chairwoman (+1-630-252-4012,

Debbie Beres, Secretary (+1-630-252-4100, )

Paul E. Reimer
7 July 2015