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PO12 Damage Situation of the 12UD Pelletron Tandem Accelerator at the University of Tsukuba by the Great East Japan Earthquake ion, ion-source, FEL, high-voltage 80
  • K. Sasa
    UTTAC, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
  The 12UD Pelletron tandem accelerator at the University of Tsukuba suffered serious damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011. On the day, the 12UD Pelletron tandem accelerator was in operation at 8 MV. A main tank of the 12 UD Pelletron tandem accelerator located from downstairs 4th floor to 7th floor was strongly shaken by the shock of the earthquake. All high voltage accelerating columns fell down in the accelerator tank. The situation of damage and a post-quake reconstruction project of the Tandem Accelerator Facility at the University of Tsukuba will be reported.  
TUB02 New Developments at the Tandem Accelerators Laboratory at IFIN-HH ion, ion-source, controls, vacuum 118
  • D.G. Ghita, I.C. Calinescu, S. Dobrescu, N.M. Marginean, I.O. Mitu, T.B. Sava, B. Savu
    IFIN, Magurele- Bucuresti, Romania
  • Gh. Cata-Danil, M.S. Dogaru, M. Enachescu, M.M. Gugiu, P. Ionescu, D.V. Mosu, A. Pantelica, D. Pantelica, A. Petre, I. Popescu, C.A. Simion, C. Stan-Sion, M. Statescu, N.V. Zamfir
    Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest, Romania
  The upgrade of the 9 MV Tandem accelerator at IFIN-HH started in 2007. Remarkable improvements were done in the last 5 years that can be seen in the improved performance and reliability of the machine. Using original preparation techniques, some new beam species were tested for the first time in our laboratory. This opened the door to new experiments. A major improvement for the laboratory is the installation of 1 MV Tandetron accelerator dedicated to ultra-sensitive AMS measurements of C-14, Be-10, Al-26 and I-129, and 3 MV Tandetron accelerator dedicated to ion beam analysis. The main directions of the research activity in the laboratory will be shortly presented.  
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