FMA Setup

Calculation of Recoil Energy and Time-of-Flight through the FMA

You specify:
  • projectile (Z,A), target (Z,A), recoiling nucleus (Z,A)
  • beam energy (MeV)
  • target thickness (mg/cm2)
  • target backing(s) if any (before & after target allowed)
  • number of targets in stack (must be identical, default is 1)
  • addtional degrader after target(s)
  • reset foil thickness (mg/cm2) and position (if any)
  • type of reaction kinematics (fusion or scattering)
  • FMA angle
  • distance between focal plane detector and DSSD
The program calculates:
  • all energy losses
  • for stacked targets recoil energy and beta after target is an average
  • recoil energy, beta, and time-of-flight at selected places
  • recoil energy deposited in focal plane detector
  • optimum charge state setting for FMA
  • multiple scattering of recoils in target, reset foil, and PPAC windows
  • # of channels between neighboring masses
  • # of channels between neighboring charge states

Fill in all items below and then click the Calculate button to compute stuff. Use with caution, some features are not yet implemented!

Beam information:
Zproj Aproj Beam Energy (MeV)
Target information:
  • Ztar Atar ---> Target Thickness (mg/cm2)
  • Backing before: Yes No --(if yes)--> Thickness (mg/cm2) Z A
  • Backing after: Yes No --(if yes)---> Thickness (mg/cm2) Z A
  • Number of Targets in Stack:
    Recoil information:
    Zrec Arec
    Materials after the target:
    Degrader after Target: Yes No --(if yes)---> Thickness (mg/cm2) Z A
    Reset Foil Thickness (mg/cm2) In Out
    Reaction Kinematics: Fusion Scattering
    FMA Angle (deg):
    Excitation energy (MeV):
    Focal Plane Detector (FPD):
    FPD-DSSD distance (cm)
    Degrader before Detector: In Out --(if yes)---> Thickness (mg/cm2) Z A
    Distance from DSSD (cm)
    Output mode:
    Verbose and detailed output of calculation