Physics Division Seminar

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Mondays at 3:30 PM

2017-2018 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

17 Jul 2017 Yang Sun, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Pushing high-spin calculation to the extreme: Application of the Pfaffian algorithm in angular momentum projection
Host: Shaofei Zhu
31 Jul 2017 Hanne Heylen, Max-Planck-Institut, Germany
Shedding a Light on the Nuclear Structure of Exotic Nuclei: Collinear Laser Spectroscopy at ISOLDE-CERN
Host: Matt Dietrich
21 Aug 2017 Leo Kirsch, U.C. Berkeley
Quasicontinuum Lifetimes with GRETINA and Advanced Neutron Generator Design
Host: Shaofei Zhu
11 Sep 2017 Thomas K Kroc, Fermi Lab
HELP! -- Accelerator Physicist seeks advice on Radiation-driven Chemistry
Host: Paul Reimer
18 Sep 2017 Evangeline J. Downie, George Washington University
MUSEing About the Proton Radius
Host: Paul Reimer
25 Sep 2017 Sergio Almaraz, Florida State University
The Influence of the 26Al 0+ Isomer on the Destruction of Galactic 26Al
Host: Shaofei Zhu
2 Oct 2017 Craig Roberts, Argonne Physics Division
Origin and Manifestations of Mass
Host: Paul Reimer
9 Oct 2017 J. M. Allmond, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Triaxial Deformation, Shape Evolution, and the Emergence of Collectivity
Host: Shaofei Zhu
16 Oct 2017 Pengwei Zhao, Argonne Physics Division
Recent progress on the covariant density functional theory for nuclear spectroscopy
Host: Paul Reimer
23 Oct 2017 Jac Nickoloff, Colorado State University
Radiobiological Foundations of Ion Radiotherapy Current Perspectives and Future Opportunities
Host: Brahim Mustapha
30 Oct 2017 Chris Chiara , Army Research Lab.
First Experimental Evidence of Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture
Host: Shaofei Zhu
8 Nov 2017
Yuichi Ichikawa, RIKEN Nishina Center
Nuclear Moment Measurements using Spin-Aligned RI Beam at RIBF
Host: Shaofei Zhu
13 Nov 2017 Roberto Capote, International Atomic Energy Association, Vienna
Reference Cross Sections for Charged-Particle Monitor Reactions
Host: Filip Kondev
20 Nov 2017 Jim Miller, Boston University
Mu2e at Fermilab: A Search for Muon to Electron Conversion
Host: Paul Reimer
27 Nov 2017 David Flay, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The Precision Magnetic Field for the Muon g - 2 Experiment at Fermilab
Host: Paul Reimer
4 Dec 2017
Room D-120
David Armstrong, William and Mary College
Precision Measurement of the Proton's Weak Charge
Host: Paul Reimer
11 Dec 2017 Richard E. Wilson, Argonne CSE Division
CP1: new chemistry and the periodic table
Host: Paul Reimer
18 Dec 2017 Chen-Yu Liu, Indiana University
A modern measurement of the neutron lifetime, using ultracold neutrons in a magneto-gravitational trap
Host: Paul Reimer
25 Dec 2017 Christmas & New Year Holidays; No seminar
1 Jan 2018 Christmas & New Year Holidays; No seminar
8 Jan 2018 Salman Habib, Argonne High Energy Physics
Modeling the Universe: The ExaSky Project
Host: Paul Reimer
22 Jan 2018 Jake Zappala, Argonne Physics Division
Investigating Underground Production of 81Krand its Impacton RadiokryptonDating
Host: Paul Reimer
29 Jan 2018
3:00 pm
Raul Briceno, Jefferson Lab.
Few-Hadron Systems from QCD
Host: Ian Cloët
5 Feb 2018 Michael Engelhardt, New Mexico State University
Lattice QCD Investigations of Quark Transverse Momentum in Hadrons
Host: Paul Reimer
12 Feb 2018
203 Aud
Aaron J. Miller, Quantum Opus, LLC
Superconducting Nanowires for eV-scale Particle Detection
Host: Valentine Novosad
26 Feb 2018 Kevin Labe, Cornell University
Tests of Lorentz Invariance at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Host: Paul Reimer
5 Mar 2018 Oleg Korobkin, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nuclear Physics with Neutron Star Mergers: the Spectacular Case of GW170817
Host: Paul Reimer
12 Mar 2018 Ingo Wiedenhoever, Florida State University
Measurement of 7Be+d for Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis
Host: Shaofei Zhu
19 Mar 2018 Brahim Mustapha, Argonne Physics Division
Prospects for a Linac-based Heavy Ion Therapy Center at ANL/Chicago Area
Host: Shaofei Zhu
2 Apr 2018 Patricia Larsen, Argonne High Energy Physics Division
Measuring the Dark Universe with Gravitational Weak Lensing
Host: Paul Reimer
9 Apr 2018 Harry Weerts Fest, no seminar
16 Apr 2018 APS April meeting -- no seminar
23 Apr 2018 Zachary Conway, Argonne Physics Division
Superconducting Half-Wave Resonator Development and Their Physical Limitations
Host: Shaofei Zhu
7 May 2018 Sowjanya Gollapinni, U. Tennessee
The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
Host: Paul Reimer
14 May 2018 Donald Booth, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Hybrid Quantum Interface Between Neutral Atomsand a Superconducting Resonator
Host: Matt Dietrich
21 May 2018 Gerald Miller, University of Washington
Taming the Pion Cloud of the Nucleon
Host: Ian Clo√ęt
28 May 2018 Memorial Day -- No seminar

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Steven Pieper, Web Guy (630-252-4232, mail)

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