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2006-2007 Program

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11 Sep 2006 Kevin Lesko, LBL
The Homestake Underground Laboratory - Opportunities for Physics Research
Host: John Schiffer
18 Sep 2006 Rituparna Kanungo, TRIUMF
Spectroscopic studies of unstable nuclei and modification of shell structure
Host: John Schiffer
25 Sep 2006 Torben Lauritsen, ANL Physics
Rotational Damping, Ridges, and the Quasi-continuum of γ Rays in 152Dy
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
2 Oct 2006 Thomas Stoehlker, GSI
Challenges for Atomic Physics at the Future FAIR Facility
Host: Bob Dunford
9 Oct 2006 Kei Minamisono, MSU
Measurement of Nuclear Static Moments at the NSCL
Host: Robert Janssens
18 Oct 2006, 1:30PM
Hanan Amro, Notre Dame
The (7Be,3He) Reaction: A New Tool for Alpha-Transfer Studies
Host: Kim Lister
23 Oct 2006 Irshad Ahmad, ANL Physics
Detailed Spectroscopy of the Transcurium Nuclei
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
30 Oct 2006 Andrei Andreyev, TRIUMF
Towards the New Island of Strong Deformation Above the Shell Closure at Z = 82 and in the Vicinity of the Neutron Mid-Shell at N = 104
Host: John Schiffer
6 Nov 2006 Peter Mueller, ANL Physics
Laser Spectroscopy for Nuclear Structure
Host: Robert Janssens
13 Nov 2006 Alan Chen, McMaster University
Probing galactic gamma emitters with ion beams at TRIUMF
Host: Kim Lister
14 Nov 2006,
11:00 AM
A. Mengoni, IAEA Vienna/CERN Geneva
Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics at the CERN neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF
Host: Filip Kondev
20 Nov 2006 Jason Clark, Yale U.
Nuclear physics measurements for models of novae and x-ray bursts
Host: John Schiffer
27 Nov 2006 Bradley Plaster, Caltech
Ultra-Cold Neutrons: From nano-eV to TeV
Host: Robert Janssens
4 Dec 2006 Susan Fischer, Depaul U. and ANL Physics
Shape changes, np-pairing and isospin symmetry: Adventures in the mass-80 region
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
11 Dec 2006 Karsten Heeger, LBNL and U. Wisconsin
Understanding Neutrino Mass and Mixing: Prospects for Precision Neutrino Physics at Low Energies
Host: Zheng-tian Lu
18 Dec 2006 Andreas Schiller, MSU
Results from neutron-fragment coincidence measurements at the NSCL/MSU
Host: Kim Lister
25 Dec 2006 Christmas - No seminar
1 Jan 2007 New Year Holiday - No seminar
8 Jan 2007 Michael Hass, The Weizmann Institute of Science
Low-Energy Nuclear Astrophysics - the Fascinating Region of A=7
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
15 Jan 2007 Elliot Kanter, ANL Chemistry
Dynamics of Transient Laser-Produced Plasmas
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
22 Jan 2007 John Schiffer, ANL Physics
Nuclear Structure Measurements Relevant to (0 ν 2 β) decay
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
29 Jan 2007 Henning Esbensen, ANL Physics
The Influence of Multiphonon Excitations and Nuclear Incompressibility on Heavy-ion Fusion Reactions
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
5 Feb 2007 Kawtar Hafidi, ANL Physics
Partonic propagation through strongly interacting systems
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
12 Feb 2007 Darek Seweryniak, ANL Physics
Studies of 101Sn and light nuclei along the rp-process path using Gammasphere and FMA
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
19 Feb 2007 Paul Benioff, ANL Physics
Fields of reference frames based on spaces of quantum representations of numbers
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
20 Feb 2007,
10:00 AM
Michael V. Berry, Bristol University
Optical vorticulture
Host: Murray Peshkin
26 Feb 2007 Michael Carpenter, ANL Physics
Approaching 78Ni along the N=50 line
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
5 Mar 2007 V. Zacek, Univ. of Montreal
Search for Dark Matter with PICASSO
Host: Ernst Rehm
12 Mar 2007 John Arrington, ANL Physics
New measurements of the EMC effect in few-body nuclei
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
19 Mar 2007 Alexander Volya, Florida State U
New perspectives on nuclear pairing
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
26 Mar 2007 Mark Stoyer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nuclear Alchemy -- the Sorcery of Synthesizing New Chemical Elements
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
2 Apr 2007 Roy Holt, ANL Physics
The Quest for Structure Functions at High Bjorken x
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
9 Apr 2007 Jochen Wambach, GSI and TU Darmstadt
The phase diagram of strongly interacting matter
Host: Mandar Bhagwat
16 Apr 2007 APS Spring Meeting, 14 -- 17 April
23 Apr 2007 David Reyna, ANL HEP
Results from the First Year of MINOS
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
30 Apr 2007 Walter Kutschera, University of Vienna VERA Laboratory, Austria
The ugly and the beautiful: how we can use the 14C bomb peak for dating DNA of human cells
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
7 May 2007 David Jenkins, University of York, UK
New Techniques for Probing Nuclear Shapes Around A~70
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
14 May 2007 Richard Pardo, ANL Physics
Caribu and SuperCaribu
Host: Teng Lek Khoo
21 May 2007 Willem H. Dickhoff, Washington University, St. Louis
Asymmetry dependence of nucleon correlations
Host: Steven Pieper
28 May 2007 Memorial Day - No seminar
4 Jun 2007 No seminar, Gordon Conf. in Nuclear Chemistry
11 Jun 2007 Zachary Conway, U. of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana & ANL
Properties of Superconducting Triple-Spoke-Loaded Accelerator Cavities
Host: Teng Lek Khoo

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