Jeffery C. Bricker, UOP-Honeywell
Catalysis: Fundamentals and Impact
Argonne Physics Division Colloquium - 17 Apr 2015
11:00 AM, Building 203 auditorium

This presentation will highlight the evolution of catalysis, recent breakthroughs, and the role of catalysis in the energy/chemicals including renewable fuel platforms. UOP -Honeywell is the leading licensor of catalytic processes across the globe. Catalysis is the science of accelerating chemical reactions and occurs broadly in nature, through enzymatic processes, and a cornerstone of industry, through synthetic catalysts that are critical in the energy and chemicals industry. Catalysts alter the energy profile of a reaction and allow molecular control over the rate at which chemical bonds are made or broken, thus allowing selective transformation of chemical structure. From an economic perspective, the full value of the goods and products produced by catalysts exceeds $15 trillion dollars. Nearly 20% of the world’s GDP depends on catalytic processes for the production of food, chemicals, fuels, pharmaceuticals and engineered materials including almost all plastics, polymers, and fibers. Catalysts are able to transform large quantities of matter without being consumed in the process through active centers which possess geometric and electronic properties. The APS synchrotron plays an important role in understand the nature of these active sites at an atomic level, thus allowing design of superior catalytic sites, specific UOP- Honeywell examples will be given.

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