Don Geesaman, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Nuclear Physics Serving Society
Argonne Physics Division Colloquium - 18 Oct 2013
18:00 AM, Building 203 auditorium

One of the joys of basic research is seeing how applications spring off as sparks from the research and blaze their trail of significance to societal applications. This talk was originally presented at the IUPAP Working Group on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics’s 2013 Nuclear Science Symposium. The symposium is a once-every-three-year gathering of international nuclear science leaders and representatives from the nuclear science funding agencies around the world to coordinate the road map for nuclear research. The topics covered in the colloquium are a personal selection of applications important to the economy, medicine, defense, and other sciences to illustrate the broad-reaching consequences of nuclear techniques and technology. With full apologies to the nuclear energy community, nuclear energy was covered by a separate presentation at the symposium and so will not be given its just due here.

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