Vladimir N. Litvinenko, Brookhaven Nat. Lab.
Novel Techniques for Hadron Beam Cooling in Hadron and Electron-Hadron Colliders
Argonne Physics Division Colloquium - 31 May 2012
11:00 AM, Building 203 auditorium

This talk will be focused on advances and challenges in cooling of high-energy hadron -- and potentially heavy lepton-beams. Such techniques are required to improve quality of hadron beams and for increasing the luminosity in hadron and electron-hadron colliders. In contrast with light leptons, which have very strong radiation damping via synchrotron radiation, the hadrons radiate very little (even in the 7 TeV LHC) and require additional cooling mechanisms to control growth of their emittances.

I will briefly review common features of various methods developed to cool hadron beams, from stochastic cooling to electron cooling, and present examples of successful use of these techniques. Further, I will discuss the physics principles of two potentially revolutionary, but untested, techniques as emerging challenges in the field: optical stochastic and coherent electron cooling.

I will present the status of an experiment under preparation at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the demonstration of the later technique.

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