Walter F. Henning, Argonne National Laboratory
Intense Rare Isotope Beams – Science Goals and Technical Realization
Physics Division Colloquium - 9 May 2008

Next-generation facilities for beams of rare isotopes (short-lived nuclei) are under development at many laboratories worldwide. With the term next-generation one generally refers to facilities specifically developed and optimized for such beams, with energies typical for nuclear structure research in the broadest sense. These facilities are following the pioneering work performed at accelerators that were originally, in general, built for research with stable-ion beams and then used in first experiments with beams of short-lived nuclei. This talk provides an overview of past and current activities at Argonne, in a worldwide context, aimed at the science and the technology of a high-power facility for rare isotope beams (FRIB), in preparation of the anticipated call for proposals by the US Department of Energy.

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