Henry C. Kapteyn, JILA and University of Colorado
Ultrafast Molecular X-Ray Science
Physics Division Colloquium - 21 March 2008

Light pulses from a femtosecond laser can be coherently upconverted to generate light in the soft x‑ray region of the spectrum using the technique of high-order harmonic generation. Advances in laser technology, combined with a better understanding of the high harmonic process [1], have made it possible to implement an ultrashort-pulse source of ionizing radiation with flux sufficient for a variety of application experiments [2] and with unique capabilities. For example, recently, we have done the first direct time-resolved studies of molecular fragmentation resulting from ionization [3], and have probed the angle-dependent photoionization cross section of laser-aligned molecules. The high-order harmonic generation process itself also can be used to probe molecular structure [4]. In this talk I will give an overview of experiments in this area done in our group, and will discuss the technology and future prospects for tabletop-scale ultrafast x-ray sources.

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