Linda Young, Chemical Science and Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Towards Laser Control of Ultrafast X-Ray Processes
Physics Division Colloquium - 25 January 2008

Control of x-ray processes using intense optical lasers represents an emerging scientific frontier -- one which combines x-ray physics with strong-field laser control. The past decade has been one in which intense lasers at optical wavelengths have markedly expanded our ability to control the behavior of isolated atoms and molecules. In atoms, strong optical fields can suppress resonant x-ray absorption markedly, thus creating electromagnetically induced transparency for x-rays. In molecules, strong-optical fields can be used to align molecules and thus modify x-ray absorption. This talk describes demonstrations of reversible control of x-ray processes and prospects for sub-Angstrom, ultrafast imaging of laser-controlled molecular processes. A glimpse into future experiments using LCLS, the world's first x-ray free electron laser, will also be provided.

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