Clive R. Neal, University of Notre Dame
The Need for and Challenges of Installing a Global Lunar Seismic Network: The Notre Dame-led LuSeN Mission
Physics Division Colloquium - 17 Nov 2006

The Apollo era resulted in a small seismic network of four seismometers that recorded over 1700 seismic events from 1970-1977. Some of these Moonquakes were of sufficient magnitude to damage any Moonbase that is under consideration by NASA after the Presidents vision in 2004. Unfortunately, the Apollo network did not allow the location of the large Moonquakes to be quantified. The Lunar Seismic Network (LuSeN) mission seeks to place 8-10 seismometers around the Moon for a minimum mission of 5 years to monitor seismic activity and produce valuable information for the Moonbase planners at NASA.

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