Rex Tayloe, Indiana University
A Search for Neutrino Oscillations with the MiniBooNE Experiment
Physics Division Colloquium - 18 May 2007

This talk reports the initial results from a search for muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillations from the MiniBooNE Experiment at Fermilab. The MiniBooNE experiment was motivated by the results from the LSND experiment which indicated evidence for neutrino oscillations at a mass scale of approximately 1 eV^2. Given evidence for neutrino oscillations from other experiments at different mass scales, these results, if verified, would necessitate drastic changes to the standard model of particle physics. MiniBooNE searched for the appearance of electron neutrinos in a high-intensity muon neutrino beam at Fermilab. An introduction will be presented followed by a description of the MiniBooNE experiment. Results from the oscillation search will be described and the implications discussed.

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