Gabriela González, Louisiana State University
Interferometric Detectors of Gravitational Waves: Opening a New Window to the Universe
Physics Division Colloquium - 9 Feb 2007

Several interferometric detectors of gravitational waves are now operating around the world, including the LIGO detectors in the US, which are now operating at their initial design sensitivity. There are many astrophysical sources producing gravitational waves in a frequency band between 40 Hz and 4 kHz, where the Earth-based detectors are most sensitive. I will discuss the technology used in the present detectors and in planned upgrades, as well as the prospects for the first detection of gravitational waves. I will also briefly describe the results from the data analysis performed by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, searching for gravitational waves in the data taken with the LIGO and GEO detectors up to the present.

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