Augusto 0. Macchiavelli, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Gammasphere: The First Ten Years
Physics Division Colloquium - 10 Feb 2006

GAMMASPHERE, a gamma-ray spectrometer of unparalleled performance, is a National Facility funded by the DOE-Nuclear Physics Office that was designed and constructed by a collaboration of US National Laboratories and Universities led by LBNL. It consists of 110 modules (large volume HPGe detectors and BGO Compton shields) covering a large solid angle approaching ~4pi. With its unique characteristics - high energy resolution, large efficiency and granularity - enhanced by a suite of auxiliary devices, the array has had a major impact in nuclear structure studies. As we celebrate 10 years of successful operation, since its official dedication in December of 1995, we will review the rich and broad physics program carried out so far in two campaigns in Berkeley and two in Argonne. Examples will include applications in nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics and fundamental interactions.

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