Massimo Salvatores, Argonne National Lab
Physics and Issues of Radioactive Waste Transmutation
Physics Division Colloquium - 19 Apr. 2002

The motivation for waste transmutation studies is discussed. The Physics associated to transmutation is presented, together with major findings and results. The most attractive options for the practical implementation of the transmutation strategy will be reviewed. Both critical (standard) and subcritical (acceleretor driven) fast neutron reactors can be envisaged for a drastic reduction of "minor" actinides (Am,Cm,Np), long lived fission products (e.g. I-129,Tc-99 etc.), and for Pu management. Current Research areas, in particular for the experimental validation of the different concepts, are described. Some relevant experiments performed in Europe in the frame of International collaborations, will be presented and discussed and recent results will be shown.

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