Vladimir M. Lobashev, Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Science
Direct Search for Mass of Neutrino in Semileptonic Decays - Study of Beta-spectrum of Tritium
Physics Division Colloquium - 9 Mar 2001

The study of momentum-energy balance in semileptonic decays is one of the most sensitive methods to measure the kinematical mass of neutrino. Last years measurements of the shape of the tritium spectrum near the end point pushed the upper limit for the electron antineutrino mass to 2.5 eV, but revealed structure close to the end point which still cannot be explained. The results of the study of the tritium spectrum with the "Troitsk nu-mass" set-up and comparison with data of other experiments will be presented. Further refining of the experiments and perspectives to achieve a sub-eV level of accuracy for the neutrino mass will be discussed.

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