James J. Laidler, Chemical Technology, Argonne
The Advanced Accelerator Applications Program and Accelerator Transmutation of Waste
Physics Division Colloquium - 2 Mar 2001

Partitioning and transmutation of long-lived radionuclides has been a dream of technologists for nearly 20 years. The Department of Energy is now engaged in a program that could bring transmutation technology to the point of a decision on deployment. The Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA) program has the objectives of (1) developing new, technically viable methods to deal with the issues of long-lived nuclear wastes; (2) demonstrating alternatives for production of tritium for defense purposes; and (3) providing a new research facility for fundamental studies with high-energy neutrons. Key to these endeavors is the construction of a new facility, the Accelerator-Driven Test Facility (ADTF), comprising a 600 MeV LINAC delivering protons to a spallation target which in turn drives a small subcritical assembly. The ADTF is scheduled for completion in ten years. Development of chemical separations technologies and transmuter fuel designs is in progress.

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