Wai-Yee Keung, University of Illinois at Chicago
CP Violation: A Window to See New Physics
Physics Division Colloquium - 1 Oct 1999

The recent measurement of indirect CP violation in the kaon system has raised high expectations that more CP violating signals will be discovered in other areas, e.g. in the B meson system, in electric dipole moment measurements, and in the collider environment. In this talk, we review successes and problems of the standard model when it is confronted with current CP phenomenology. The puzzle of fine-tuning in the strong CP parameter has motivated many researchers to look for CP violation mechanisms other than that due to the Maskawa-Kobayashi phase in the standard model. We review the current status of models of these extensions. Because CP violation properties are coded in the Higgs sector, we emphasize that events from colliders can be very asymmetric between matter and anti-matter.

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