Rocco Schiavilla, Jefferson Lab. and Old Dominion U.
Few-Body Capture Reactions: Precision Nuclear Astrophysics
Physics Division Colloquium - 19 Nov 1999

The progress made in ab initio microscopic calculations of radiative and weak capture rates involving few-nucleon systems with A up to 6 will be reviewed. The methods used to generate accurate nuclear ground- and scattering-state wave functions, and to construct a realistic electroweak transition operator will be described. The uncertainties in the theoretical predictions will be discussed, particularly those relevant to the processes 1H(p,e+nue)2H, 3He(p,e+nue)4He, and 2H(p,gamma)3He. For this last reaction, the theoretical results will be compared with TUNL and Wisconsin low-energy data, including cross sections and polarization observables.

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