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Kawtar Hafidi named Feb. 2011 Scientist of the Month, receives 2011 Innovator Award

Kawtar Hafidi has been named February 2011 Scientist of the Month and received the 2011 Innovator Award by the Chicago Area Chapter of the Association for Women In Science. more ...

Peter Mueller receives DOE Early Career Research Award

Peter Mueller of the Physics DIvision received funding from DOE's Office of Nuclear Physics to study the decay properties of the helium-6 isotope. more ...


Pacesetter Award to Brad DiGiovine

... for his innovation in designing, building, and testing a superheated bubble detector system for first experiments in low-energy nuclear physics.

Pacesetter award for Thomas O'Connor

... for his innovation in designing a tritium gas containment cell that must operate in a completely safe way under extreme conditions at Jeffererson Lab.

Peter Mueller receives 2010 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize

Peter Mueller won a 2010 Young Scientist Prize in Nuclear Physics sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) "for his leadership in the development of laser trapping and cooling techniques to make the first precise measurement of the charge radii of the neutron rich nuclei He-6 and He-8". The prize was presented at the International Nuclear Physics Conference in Vancouver in July 2010 by Comission Chairman Dan-Olof Riska of the University of Helsinki (right) and Jean-Michel Poutissou of TRIUMF (left).

2010 Tom W. Bonner Prize awarded to Steven Pieper and Bob Wiringa

Steven Pieper (left) and Bob Wiringa (right) were recognized by the Amercican Physical Society for their "development of quantitative, ab initio calculations of the properties of nuclei from A=6 to A=12, including deep physical insight into the nature of nuclear forces and the application of state-of-the-art computational physics".

Calem Hoffman wins 2010 Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics

Calem Hoffman was honored by the American Physical Society for "his disseration describing the investigation of neutron-rich isotopes at the dripline, and, in particular, for the identification of a systematic reduction in the effective p-sd shell gap, indicating a weakening of the gap as neutrons are added."

Argonne postdoc Patricia Solvignon wins 2009 JSA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Patricia Solvignon has been awarded the 2009 Jefferson Science Associates, LLC (JSA) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the U.S. Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. Users Group Board of Directors Chairman Ron Gilman (left) with JSA President and Jefferson Lab Director Hugh Montgomery (right) congratulate Patricia Solvignon, the 2009 JSA Postdoctoral Research Fellow.


Peter Ostroumov receives University of Chicago, Distinguished Performance Award

Peter Ostromouv is recognized for his "numerous seminal contributions to Accelerator Physics". more ...


Zheng-Tian Lu receives 2009 Francis M. Pipkin Award

The 2009 Pipkin Award of the American Physical Society is presented to Zheng-Tian Lu by APS President Cherry Murray at the 2009 Spring Meeting for his "development of techniques to laser cool and trap rare and radioactive atomic species; and for applications of these techniques ranging from trace isotope analysis to tests of fundamental symmetries.".

Kawtar Hafidi receives DOE Office of Science Outstanding Mentor Award


Joel Fuerst receives 2009 Robert W. Vance Award

Joel Fuerst (left) is recognized by the Cryogenic Society of America (CSA) with the 2009 Robert W. Vance Award, which was established to honor persons for their dedication and long-term commitment to the advancement of the CSA.

Ibrahim Sulai wins 2009 Nathan Sugarman Award

The Nathan Sugarman Award for excellence in graduate research was awarded to Ibrahim Sulai (right) by the University of Chicago Enrico Fermi Institute for his work on “exotic phenomena in the helium atoms and nuclei using laser trapping and spectroscopy”.


John Rohrer and Adam Vann  Pacesetter Award 2008

Pacesetter Award to John Rohrer and Adam Vann

For performing the HELIOS beam-line installation within a very short time period with access into the area. John's and Adam's dedication to the project, innovative approach to finding technical solutions, attention to safety issues, and hard work, has made this project a success.

Janet Bergman Pacesetter Award 2008Pacesetter Award to Janet Bergman

To Janet Bergman for extraordinary effort in handling the administrative duties of the CARIBU project in addition to her regular duties as ATLAS Operations group secretary and H-wing secretary.

Susan FischerKim LIsterChicago mayor, council honor Argonne physicists for creating innovative science program at city high school More ...


MacDonaldPacesetter Award to Steve McDonald

To Steve MacDonald for extraordinary effort in leading the ATLAS Cryogenics Upgrade Project and achieveing significant cost savings with the use of a refurbished refrigerator.

Bailey OConnorPacesetter Award to Kevin Bailey and Tom O'Connor

To Kevin Bailey and Thomas O'Connor for the complex, time critical, and demanding tasks of disassembling the helium trap apparatus at ATLAS, packaging the delicate components, shipping, and reassembling the instrument at the GANIL facility in Caen France. This was all accomplished within a period of three months.