Dear Colleagues,

Thanks very much to all for attending the ATLAS Users' meeting last week, and for the contributions and discussions that made the meeting a big success. At the end of the meeting we discussed four draft resolutions; the language for those resolutions has now been fleshed out and appears below, as well as on the web page for the Users' meeting. We invite comments or suggestions on these resolutions, but in the interest of timeliness, we ask that you send comments to me at [email protected] within one week.

All the best,

For the Users Executive Committee (Partha Chowdhury, Daryl Hartley, and Mark Riley)
Alan Wuosmaa


Resolutions from the May 2014 Meeting of the ATLAS Users Group:

• The Users strongly support the development of accelerator- and equipment-related initiatives that will enhance the scientific reach and efficient utilization of the ATLAS facility. These initiatives include the upgrade of ATLAS to provide multi-user capabilities and the timely development of the AGFA and AIRIS instruments
• The Users strongly support the establishment of a Center for Accelerator Target Science (CATS) and urge the timely consideration of the CATS proposal submitted to the U. S. Department of Energy
• The Users strongly urge that sufficient support be provided for operations and staffing levels in order to efficiently utilize the ATLAS facility
• The Users strongly endorse the vision expressed in the draft ATLAS Strategic Plan for the future of the ATLAS facility