Physics Division Colloquium

Auditorium, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Fridays at 11:00 AM

2006-2007 Program

Please contact the host if you wish to arrange a discussion with the speaker.

8 Sep 2006 Gary Wiederrecht, Chemistry Division and Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory
Imaging and spectroscopy of nanoscale plasmonic heterostructures
Host: John Arrington - 252-3619
15 Sep 2006 Sidney Nagel, University of Chicago
Breaking Away, Selective Withdrawal and Islets in the Stream: The Role of Singularities in Fluid Flow
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
21-22 Sep 2006 Nuclear Physics: The Core of Matter, The Fuel of Stars
A Symposium celebrating John Schiffer's 50 years at Argonne
29 Sep 2006 No Colloquium
6 Oct 2006 Craig Roberts, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Much Ado About Hadrons
Host: Robert Wiringa
13 Oct 2006 Stephan Meyer, University of Chicago
Three Years of WMAP
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
20 Oct 2006 Naomi Makins, University of Illinois
In Search of L: Orbital Motion in the Land of Quarks
Host: Kawtar Hafidi
27 Oct 2006 Fall DNP Meeting, Nashville, TN, 25-28 Oct
3 Nov 2006 Teng Lek Khoo, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Superheavy Nuclei and Elements
Host: Darek Seweryniak
10 Nov 2006 Harry Weerts, High-Energy Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
The US Particle Physics Roadmap
Host: Jerry Nolen
17 Nov 2006 Clive R. Neal, University of Notre Dame
The Need for and Challenges of Installing a Global Lunar Seismic Network: The Notre Dame-led LuSeN Mission
Host: Henning Esbensen
24 Nov 2006 Thanksgiving - No colloquium
1 Dec 2006 Leo Hollberg, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Stable Lasers and Cold Atoms
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
8 Dec 2006 Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard University
New Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constant
Host: Henning Esbensen
15 Dec 2006 Robert Tribble, Texas A&M University
Stellar Evolution: A Nuclear Physics Perspective
Host: Guy Savard
22 Dec 2006 Christmas Eve - No colloquium
29 Dec 2006 New Year's Eve - No colloquium
5 Jan 2007 Birger Back, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Before Protons and Neutrons -- The Quark Gluon Era of the Universe
Host: Darek Seweryniak
12 Jan 2007 Peter Lepage, Cornell University
The Fall and Rise of Lattice QCD: High-Precision Numerical QCD Confronts Experiment
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
19 Jan 2007 DNP Town Meetings, Chicago, IL, 19-21 Jan
26 Jan 2007 Michael Romalis, Princeton University
Atomic Magnetometers for Fundamental Physics and Applications
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
2 Feb 2007 John Beacom, The Ohio State University
Fossil Records of Star Formation: Supernova Neutrinos and Gamma Rays
Host: Robert Wiringa
9 Feb 2007 Gabriela González, Louisiana State Univeristy
Interferometric Detectors of Gravitational Waves: Opening a New Window to the Universe
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
16 Feb 2007 Gordon Baym, University of Illinois
The Uncertainty Principals: Bohr and Heisenberg from Copenhagen to "Copenhagen"
Host: Robert Wiringa
23 Feb 2007 HongWen Jiang, University of California at Los Angeles
Manipulation and Detection of Individual Electron Spins in Nanostructured Semiconductors
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
2 Mar 2007 Witek Nazarewicz, University of Tennessee & Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Shell Structure of Exotic Nuclei
Host: Darek Seweryniak
9 Mar 2007 Dean Miller, Electron Microscopy Center and Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Correlating Microstructure and Current Transport in High Temperature Superconductor Wires
Host: Robert Wiringa
16 Mar 2007 Jerry Nolen, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
How to Make Radioactive Beams
Host: Bela Erdelyi
23 Mar 2007 Georg Hoffstaetter, Cornell University
The Energy Recovery Linac as a New X-ray Source
Host: Bela Erdelyi
30 Mar 2007 Neil Shubin, University of Chicago
Discovering a Link Between Fish and Limbed Animals: The Story of Tiktaalik roseae
Host: Henning Esbensen
6 Apr 2007 Krishna Kumar, University of Massachusetts
Electrons and Mirror Symmetry
Host: Kawtar Hafidi
13 Apr 2007 Young-Kee Kim, University of Chicago and Fermilab
E=mc2 Opening Windows on the World
Host: Kawtar Hafidi
20 Apr 2007 Eric Cornell, JILA, NIST, and University of Colorado
Searching for the Electron's Electric Dipole Moment in Trapped Molecular Ions
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu
27 Apr 2007 No Colloquium
4 May 2007 Ian Shipsey, Purdue University
Bringing Hearing to the Deaf -- Cochlear Implants: a Technical and Personal Account
Host: Kawtar Hafidi
11 May 2007 George F. Bertsch, University of Washington
Density Functional Theory for Nuclear Binding and Structure
Host: James Truran
18 May 2007 Rex Tayloe, Indiana University
A Search for Neutrino Oscillations with the MiniBooNE Experiment
Host: Jerry Nolen
25 May 2007 Mats Lindroos, CERN
Beta Beams: A Neutrino Factory Based on Stored Radioactive Beams
Host: Jerry Nolen

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2006-2007 Committee

Bela Erdelyi (252-7066, mail)
Henning Esbensen (252-4098, mail)
Kawtar Hafidi (252-4012, mail)
Zheng-Tian Lu, chair (252-0583, mail)
Jerry Nolen (252-6418, mail)
Darek Seweryniak (252-1514, mail)
Robert Wiringa, past chair (252-6134, mail)
Secretary Janet Bergman (252-4085, mail)
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