Nuclear Physics, the Core of Matter, the Fuel of Stars

A symposium surveying the future of nuclear physics and celebrating 50 years of John Schiffer's research at Argonne
September 21-22, 2006
Argonne National Laboratory

The Symposium was held at Argonne National Laboratory on September 21 and 22. There were a welcoming reception on Wednesday evening, September 20, at the Argonne Guest House (Building 460), and a banquet in the evening of Thursday, September 21 (also at the Guest House).

The symposium used the occasion of 50 years of John Schiffer's research at Argonne to address the future directions of nuclear research.

Titles and slides of the talks

Photographs of the symposium (more added 19 Oct 2006)

Speakers included

Gordon Cates, U. Virgina
Osvaldo Civitarese, U. La Plata
Stuart Freedman, U.C. Berkeley
Walter Henning, GSI
Franco Iachello, Yale University
Zheng-tian Lu, Argonne
Augusto Macchiavelli, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Ben Mottelson, NORDITA
Takaharu Otsuka, U. Tokyo
John Schiffer, Argonne
Michael Turner, U. of Chicago
William A. Zajc, Columbia U.

Agenda revised 20 Sept. 2006

Attendees as of 20 Sept. 2006

Second announcement

Symposium poster

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Organizing Committee

Allan Bernstein
Barbara Fletcher
Donald F. Geesaman
Robert V.F. Janssens
Teng Lek Khoo
Jerry A. Nolen
Steven C. Pieper
K. Ernst Rehm


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Elsevier congratulates John Schiffer on the past 50 years of outstanding research.