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16 Jan 1981 C. Rolfs, Muenster and Ohio State, The solar neutrino problem- or is it?

13 Nov 1981 S. P. Rosen, Purdue, Double beta decay and Majorana neutrinos

14 Oct 1983 Felix Boehm, CalTech, Experiments on Neutrino Mass

31 May 1985 John Bahcall, Institute for Advanced Study, The Solar Neutrino Problem

30 Sep 1986 H. A. Bethe, Cornell U., The Solar Neutrino Puzzle

12 Oct 1987 Rudolf L. Moessbauer, Technical U. Munich, The Problem of the Rest Mass of the Neutrino
25 Mar 1988 Donald Q. Lamb, U. of Chicago, Neutrinos from Supernova 1987A and Cooling of the Nascent Neutron Star

13 Jan 1989 A. B. McDonald, Princeton U., The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

16 Mar 1990 Adam Burrows, U. of Arizona, Ten Seconds that Shook the World: the Neutrinos from SN1987A

30 Nov 1990 Thomas J. Bowles, LANL, The Soviet-American Gallium Experiment

21 Feb 1992 R. G. Hamish Robertson, LANL, Neutrinos - Bordering on the Mass?
28 Feb 1992 Wick Haxton, U. of Washington, The Neutrino and Nuclear Physics of Core Collapse Supernovae

23 Oct 1992 Stuart J. Freedman, ANL Physics Div., Search for the 17-keV Neutrino

28 Jan 1994 A. Baha Balantekin, U. of Wisconsin, A Theoretical Perspective on the Solar Neutrino Problem

31 Mar 1995 D. Hywel White, LANL, Evidence For and Against Neutrino Oscillations
19 May 1995 John Bahcall, Institute for Advanced Study, What Have We Learned About Solar Neutrinos

24 Apr 1998 Madappa Prakash, SUNY, Stony Brook, Photons and Neutrinos from Neutron Stars: Probes of Hot and Dense Matter

9 Apr 1999 A. Baha Balantekin, U. of Wisconsin, Progress and Prospects in Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

21 Jan 2000 Maury Goodman, ANL High Energy Physics, Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments
14 Apr 2000  Boris Kayser, NSF, Washington, DC, Why Do We Think Neutrinos Have Mass?

10 Nov 2000 Francis Halzen, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, High-energy Neutrino Astronomy: Results from the South Pole
9 Mar 2001 Vladimir M. Lobashev, Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Science, Direct Search for Mass of Neutrino in Semileptonic Decays - Study of Beta-spectrum of Tritium

21 Sep 2001  Hamish Roberston, U. of Washington, SNO Flies: The Solar Neutrino Problem Resolved
29 Mar 2002 Steve Elliott, U. of Washington, Double Beta Decay: Is the Neutrino Mass Within Reach?

25 Oct 2002  Art McDonald, Queen's U., Kingston, Ontario, Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem
31 Jan 2003  Stuart Freedman, U. of California, Berkeley, KamLand
14 Mar 2003  Janet Conrad , Columbia U., Seeking the Small Silent Type

28 Jan 2005 Michael Shaevitz, Columbia U., Neutrino Masses and Oscillations: A View of the Next Steps
4 Mar 2005 Steve Elliott, LANL, Double-beta decay and the neutrino
25 Mar 2005 Stuart Freedman, U. of California, Berkeley, Direct Evidence for Neutrino Oscillations from KamLAND

30 Sep 2005  Francis L. Halzen, U. of Wisconsin, High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy: Towards Kilometer-Scale Neutrino Observatories

18 May 2007  Rex Tayloe, Indiana U., A Search for Neutrino Oscillations with the MiniBooNE Experiment
25 May 2007 Mats Lindroos, CERN, Beta Beams: A Neutrino Factory Based on Stored Radioactive Beams

23 May 2008  Karsten Heeger, U. of Wisconsin, Probing New Physics in Neutrino Experiments

5 Sep 2008  Akif Baha Balantekin, U. of Wisconsin at Madison, Neutrinos: Ghostly Messengers of Earth and Heavens

2 Oct 2009  Stuart J. Freedman, U. of California at Berkeley and LBNL, Oscillating Neutrinos and Oscillating Decay Probabilities
26 Feb 2010  R. G. Hamish Robertson, U. of Washington, Neutrino Physics for the Masses

22 Nov 2013  Lisa Kaufman, Indiana U., Back to the Salt Mines: The Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in Xe-136
31 Jan 2014  Lloyd Knox, U. of California, Davis, Strength in Numbers: Studying the Cosmic Neutrino Background with Gravity

19 Dec 2014  Kate Scholberg, Duke U., Neutrinos from the Sky and Through the Earth
16 Jan 2015  André de Gouvêa, Northwestern U., The Brave nu World
20 Mar 2015  Camillo Mariani, Virginia Tech, Reactor and Accelerator Neutrino Experiments

25 Sep 2015  Bryce Littlejohn, Illinois Institute of Technology, Probing Mysteries In Particle Physics With Neutrino Oscillations
26 Feb 2016  Ben Kay, ANL Physics Div., Getting to Know the Nuclei Involved in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
13 Apr 2016  Olga Botner, Uppsala U., Recent results from IceCube - the dawn of neutrino astronomy?


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