Emergency Communications and Instructions

All injuries, illnesses, fires, explosions, chemical accidents, and any unsafe or unstable conditions are to be reported by calling 911.

  • Any telephone in the building can be used to call 911 - except those which are specifically labeled NOT FOR 911.   These phones, located in the ATLAS facility, are for internal ATLAS use only.
  • Cellular telephones can be used by calling 252-1911.
  • A pay telephone is located in the Auditorium lobby; it can also be used for 911 calls.

Occupants are not to use private cars to transport co-workers who are injured or ill.

Building 203 is connected to the site-wide public address system. The ComCenter operator will issue tornado watches, tornado warnings and fire evacuation announcements over this system. A warning tone precedes all emergency announcements. The AES or alternate may also make announcements on the building's public address system. That system is located in room R202 (the Physics Division office). Hand held radios are kept in the offices of the AES and alternate AES's in case telephone service is lost.