Loss of Telephones

On occasion, telephone communications have been lost site-wide. If normal telephone communications are not available, the AES will establish a control point in the lunchroom on the service floor (R001). The AES and alternate AES's have radios available for emergency communications with the Fire Department. Non-emergency radio transmissions should be avoided under these conditions. Building occupants are instructed to seek assistance from the AES at the control point in the event that they need 911 assistance. Alternate AESs and building monitors can assist in notifying building occupants if the building public address is not functional. Any emergency conditions involving the building should be reported to the Fire Department.


Pay telephones may work when normal telephones are out of service. There are also telephones on separate exchanges in selected locations (non-PBX telephones). Calls to 911 can be made on pay telephones; the caller should state that the call is from Argonne National Laboratory. The dispatcher will direct the call to the Argonne Fire Department. Cellular telephone may also be used to reach the Fire Department by calling 252-1911.