Argonne Theory Institute

"Perspectives in Continuum Strong QCD"

14-18 August 2000
Physics Division
Argonne National Laboratory

Hosts: Martin Hecht, Craig Roberts and Sebastian Schmidt

Preliminary Program:
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Chair Roberts Roberts Schmidt Schmidt Roberts
10:00 Pennington Drago Reinhardt Pichowsky Alkofer
10:50 Weber Brodsky Blaschke Brambilla Perry
Chair Maris Tandy Pichowsky Hecht End
14:00 Boyanovsky Schmidt Hecht Tandy
14:50 Kisslinger Thomas Haglin Capstick
16:00 Swanson Maris Klabucar Szczepaniak
16:50     Burkardt Stephanov


  • Reinhard Alkofer Universität Tübingen "What the infrared behavior of QCD Green's functions can tell us about the confinement mechanisms in covariant gauges"
  • David Blaschke Universität Rostock "Heavy Flavor Kinetics at the Deconfinement Transition"
  • Daniel Boyanovsky University of Pittsburgh "Dynamical Renormalization Group and transport in QGP"
  • Nora Brambilla Heidelberg"Applications of pNRQCD to heavy quark bound states"
  • Stan Brodsky Stanford"QCD Phenomenology and Light-Cone Wavefunctions"
  • Gerhard Burau Universität Rostock
  • Matthias Burkardt NMSU"Off-forward parton distributions and impact parameter dependence of parton structure"
  • Simon Capstick FSU " "
  • Alessandro Drago Universita' di Ferrara " "
  • Kevin Haglin St. Cloud "Heavy meson chiral Lagrangian and J/psi dynamics"
  • Martin Hecht ANL "The nucleon and a scalar diquark"
  • Dennis Jarecke KSU
  • Leonard Kisslinger CMU"QCD, Quark Correlations, and Instantons at Finite T "
  • Dubravko Klabucar Zagreb University "On pseudoscalar-photon processes dominated by axial anomaly"
  • Pieter Maris KSU "Chiral symmetry restoration and meson properties at finite temperature"
  • Mike Pennington Durham " "
  • Mike Pichowsky Indiana "Relativistic, final-state interactions and unitarity"
  • Robert Perry Ohio State "Chiral symmetry breaking from glue in light-front QCD"
  • Hugo Reinhardt Universität Tübingen "The vortex picture of confinement"
  • Craig Roberts ANL
  • Sebastian Schmidt ANL "Quantum effects in strong field particle creation"
  • Misha Stephanov UI Chicago "QCD at finite density of isospin"
  • Eric Swanson NCSU "Open Issues in Hadronic Physics"
  • Adam Szczepaniak Indiana " "
  • Peter Tandy KSU "Continuum QCD Modeling of Light Meson Observables"
  • Tony Thomas Adelaide "The Strangeness Content of the Nucleon and G_M^s"
  • Fridolin Weber Berkeley "Astrophysical Signals of Quark Matter"
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