Surface Compositions of Accreting Neutron Stars
September 12 - 13, 2003
Joint Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago Workshop
Site: Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois
Physics Division, Building 203


Friday, 12 Sep

Physics Division Colloquium held in Building 203 Auditorium
11:00 - A. Cumming: Neutron Stars on Fire

12:00 - Lunch

Following Lectures to be presented in Building 203, Room R150

13:30 - J. Truran: Welcome
13:45 - E. Rehm: Overview of rp-process nuclear physics
14:45 - A. Heger: Multi-zone Models for Type I X-Ray Bursts

15:45 - Discussion/Coffee

16:00 - J. Fisker: Breakout reactions, waiting points, and bottlenecks
17:00 - M. Zingale: Multidimensional numerical simulations of X-ray bursts

17:40 - Breakout followed by Dinner

Saturday, 13 Sep

09:00 - E. Brown: Thermal Balance of the Crust and Core
10:00 - M. Ouellette: Electron captures in the crust
10:30 - F. Peng: Sedimentation and bursts at low accretion rates
11:00 - E. Rehm: Tour of Lab

11:45 - Other contributions followed by Lunch

13:00 - P. Vogel: Weak rates near and far from stability
14:00 - H. Schatz: Nuclear physics on accreting neutron stars

15:00 - Roundtable discussion

15:45 - End of Workshop


E. Brown   (UofC)
A. Cumming   (UCSC)
H. Esbensen   (ANL)
J. Fisker     (Basel)
S. Gupta   (MSU)
A. Heger   (LANL)
J. Jose   (IEEC, Spain)
H. Lee   (ANL)
D. Lin   (NWU)
F. Montes   (MSU)
K. Nollett   (ANL)
M. Ouellette   (MSU)
F. Peng   (UofC)
S. Pieper   (ANL)
E. Rehm   (ANL)
C. Roberts   (ANL)
H. Schatz   (MSU)
I. Seitenzahl   (UofC)
R. Taam   (NWU)
F. Timmes   (UofC)
J. Truran   (UofC)
P. Vogel   (Caltech)
R. Wiringa   (ANL)
M. Zingale   (UCSC)