2002 Argonne Theory Institute

Hadron Structure and GeV Electroweak Interactions

29/July - 2/August

Don Geesaman, Division Director, will speak from 9:00-9:10 on Monday, 29/July.
The first presentation will be shifted accordingly.
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CHAIRMAN Lee Brodsky Plessas Riska ...
9:00 Brodsky Holstein Speth Williams Sleep In
10:00 Break River Tour & Lunch
10:30 Riska Sato Capstick Plessas
11:30 Oka Morfin Oh Roberts
12:30 Lunch
CHAIRMAN Speth Holstein Hwang Schramm End
14:00 Tabakin Hwang Speth Alkofer
15:00 Break Director's Special Colloquium
B402 Conference Center.
15:30 Lutz Horowitz Li
16:30 Day's End Special Theory Seminar
``Nuclear Physics and the Stock Market''
J.Speth, R-150
Day's End Maris

A group dinner will take place after the presentations on Tues. evening.


External Participants

  • Reinhard Alkofer, University of Tuebingen - [email protected]
  • Stan Brodsky, SLAC - [email protected]
  • Simon Capstick, Florida State University - [email protected]
  • Barry Holstein, University of Massachusetts - [email protected]
  • Charlie Horowitz, Indiana University - [email protected]
  • Pauchy W.-Y, Hwang National Taiwan University - [email protected]
  • GuangLie Li, Institute of High Energy Physics Academia Sinica, China - [email protected]
  • Matthias Lutz, GSI - [email protected]
  • Pieter Maris, NCSU - [email protected]
  • Ulf Meissner, Juelich - [email protected]
  • John Negele, MIT - [email protected]
  • Yongseok Oh, Yonsei University - [email protected]
  • Makoto Oka, Toky`o Institute of Technology - [email protected]
  • Willibald Plessas, University of Graz - [email protected]
  • Dan Olof Riska, University of Helsinki - [email protected]
  • Toru Sato, Osaka University - [email protected]
  • Josef Speth, Juelich - [email protected]
  • Frank Tabakin, University of Pittsburgh - [email protected]
  • Peter Tandy, Kent State University - [email protected]
  • Anthony Williams, University of Adelaide - [email protected]
  • Shin Nan Yang, National Taiwan University - [email protected]

    Speakers, Titles and Abstracts

    Alkofer, The Nucleon Electromagnetic Properties Within a Fully Covariant Bethe-Salpeter Approach
    Brodsky, The Unexpected Role of Final State Interactions in QCD Processes
    Capstick, The Baryon-meson loops and baryon-baryon-meson form factors
    Holstein, Parity Violation at GeV Energies
    Horowitz, Neutrino Nucleon Elastic Scattering in Heaven and Earth
    Hwang, Electroweak Physics and Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
    Li, Suppression of Nuclear Drell-Yan Ratio due to Energy Loss
    Lutz, The nature of Baryon Resonances and Coupled Channel Dynamics
    Maris, Meson Electromagnetic Form Factors
    Oh, Coupled-channel Effects in Vector Meson Photoproduction Near Threshold
    Oka, Chiral Symmetry of Baryons and Baryon Resonances
    Plessas, Electroweak nucleon/baryon structure from covariant quark model calculations
    Riska, Electromagnetic and Pionic Decays of Heavy Quarkonia and Heavy-light Mesons
    Roberts, Poincare'-covariant Study of Hadrons
    Sato, Weak Pion Production on the Delta[33] Resonance Region
    Speth, Strangeness Production at COSY and the Hyperon-Nucleon Interaction
    Tabakin, Kaon Photoproduction and coupled-channels
    Williams, Baryon Spectroscopy from a Novel Improved Fermion Action
    Yang, Recent Progress in Pion Photo- and Electroproduction Analysis