6th ANL/MSU/JINA/INT FRIB Theory Workshop

Computational Forefront in Nuclear Theory: Preparing for FRIB

Argonne National Laboratory, March 23 - 26, 2010

This workshop will concentrate on advances in theoretical methods for computing properties of nuclei and reactions relevant to the experimental program at FRIB. Although we expect a significant number of talks on methods that require the largest available and planned computers, there will also be talks on new methods that do not require such large machines.


quantum Monte Carlo -- no-core shell model -- coupled-cluster method -- unitary correlated-operator method -- shell model -- continuum shell model -- Gamow shell model -- energy density functionals -- cranking -- heavy-ion EOS -- r-process -- fission -- reaction theory -- astrophysical needs -- future computers -- CARIBU -- FRIB


Filomena Nunes, Michigan State
Steven C. Pieper, Argonne
Craig Roberts, Argonne
Robert Wiringa, Argonne
with David B. Kaplan, INT

Conference attendance is by invitation only.