Roberto Anglani

         Argonne National Laboratory
         Physics Division
         9700 South Cass Avenue
         Argonne, IL 60439

     phone: +1 630 252-3626

biographical sketch

2009 - present: Post-doc, PHY division, THEORY group, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
2009:           Ph.D., University of Bari, Italy


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  1. Fate of pion condensation in quark matter: From the chiral limit to the physical pion mass
    H. Abuki, R. Anglani, R. Gatto, M. Pellicoro, M. Ruggieri
    Published in Phys. Rev. D 79, 034032 (2009)
    e-Print: arXiv:0809.2658

  2. Chiral crossover, deconfinement and quarkyonic matter within a Nambu-Jona Lasinio model with the Polyakov loop
    H. Abuki, R. Anglani, R. Gatto, G. Nardulli, M. Ruggieri
    Published in Phys. Rev. D 78, 034034 (2008)
    e-Print: arXiv:0805.1509

  3. Superfluid and pseudo-goldstone modes in three flavor crystalline color superconductivity
    R. Anglani, R. Gatto, N.D. Ippolito, G. Nardulli, M. Ruggieri
    Published in Phys. Rev. D 76, 054007 (2007)
    e-Print: arXiv:0706.1781

  4. Cooling of a compact star with a LOFF matter core
    Roberto Anglani
    Published in Phys. Part. Nucl. 39, 1167 (2008)
    e-Print: hep-ph/0610404

  5. Neutrino emission from compact stars and inhomogeneous color superconductivity
    Roberto Anglani, Giuseppe Nardulli, Marco Ruggieri, Massimo Mannarelli
    Published in Phys. Rev. D 74, 074005 (2006)
    e-Print: hep-ph/0607341

  6. Two short proofs of a combinatorial identity
    Roberto Anglani, Margherita Barile
    Published in Electr. Journ. of Combinatorial Number Theory 5 A18 (2005)

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