Selected Review Articles

  1. The pion: an enigma within the Standard Model
    Tanja Horn and Craig D. Roberts
    arXiv:1602.04016 [nucl-th], J. Phys. G 43 (2016) 073001/1-46

  2. Three Lectures on Hadron Physics
    Craig D. Roberts, arXiv:1509.02925 [nucl-th] , J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 706 (2016) 022003/1-53
    Summary of three lectures delivered at Hadron Physics XIII - XIII International Workshop on Hadron Physics
    22-27 March 2015, Hotel do Bosque, Angra dos Reis - RJ, Brazil

  3. Explanation and Prediction of Observables using Continuum Strong QCD
    Ian C. Cloët and Craig D. Roberts
    arXiv:1310.2651 [nucl-th], Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 77 (2014) pp. 1–69 [on-line]

  4. Strong QCD and Dyson-Schwinger Equations
    Craig D. Roberts, arXiv:1203.5341 [nucl-th]
    Notes based on 5 lectures to the conference on "Dyson-Schwinger Equations & Faà di Bruno Hopf Algebras in Physics and Combinatorics (DSFdB2011)", Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée, l'Universite de Strasbourg et CNRS, Strasbourg, France, 27.06-01.07/2011. To appear in "IRMA Lectures in Mathematics & Theoretical Physics," published by the European Mathematical Society (EMS)

  5. Collective perspective on advances in Dyson-Schwinger Equation QCD
    Adnan Bashir, Lei Chang, Ian C. Cloët, Bruno El-Bennich, Yu-xin Liu, Craig D. Roberts and Peter C. Tandy,
    Summary of lectures delivered by the authors at the Workshop on AdS/CFT and Novel Approaches to Hadron and Heavy Ion Physics,
    11 Oct. -- 3 Dec. 2010, hosted by the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, China, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
    arXiv:1201.3366 [nucl-th], Commun. Theor. Phys. 58 (2012) pp. 79-134

  6. Selected highlights from the study of mesons
    Lei Chang, Craig D. Roberts and Peter C. Tandy
    arXiv:1107.4003 [nucl-th], Chin. J. Phys. 49 (2011) pp. 955-1004

  7. Distribution Functions of the Nucleon and Pion in the Valence Region
    Roy J. Holt and Craig D. Roberts
    arXiv:1002.4666 [nucl-th], Rev. Mod. Phys. 82 (2010) pp. 2991-3044

  8. Hadron Physics: The Essence of Matter, PDF
    Lei Chang and Craig D. Roberts, arXiv:1003.5006 [nucl-th]
    AIP Conf. Proc. 1361 (2011) pp. 91-114 (Contents)
    Contribution to the Proceedings of the "XII Mexican Workshop on Particles and Fields," based on presentations at the Workshop (9-14 Nov. 2009, Mazatlan, Mexico) and at the preceding Mini-School (5-8 Nov. 2009, Culiacan, Mexico).

  9. Aspects of Hadron Physics
    Craig D. Roberts, Mandar S. Bhagwat, Arne Höll and Stewart V. Wright, arXiv:0802.0217 [nucl-th]
    Published in "Hadron Structure and Nonperturbative QCD"
    Proceedings of the 44th Winter School on Theoretical Physics (IUTP 44)
    Schladming, Austria: 11-18 March, 2006
    Eur. Phys. J Special Topics 140 (2007) pp. 53-116 (this article -- 64 pages, issue's contents)

  10. Hadron Properties and Dyson-Schwinger Equations
    C.D. Roberts, arXiv:0712.0633 [nucl-th]
    Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 61 (2008) pp. 50-65
    Contribution to the Proceedings of "International School of Nuclear Physics -- 29th Course: Quarks in Hadrons and Nuclei"
    Erice-Sicily, 16-24 September, 2007

  11. Invited Topical Review: Nucleon electromagnetic form factors
    J. Arrington, C.D. Roberts and J.M. Zanotti
    nucl-th/0611050, J. Phys. G 34 (2007) pp. S23-S52.

  12. Hadron Physics and Dyson-Schwinger Equations
    A. Höll, C.D. Roberts and S.V. Wright, nucl-th/0601071
    Lecture notes (103 pages, 23 figures, summarising five lectures) contributed to the proceedings of the
    20th Annual Hampton University Graduate Studies Program (HUGS 2005)
    JLab, 31 May - 17 Jun 2005

  13. Dyson-Schwinger equations: a tool for hadron physics
    P. Maris and C.D. Roberts
    nucl-th/0301049, Int. J. Mod. Phys. E 12 (2003) pp. 297-365

  14. Continuum Strong QCD: Confinement and Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking
    C. D. Roberts, nucl-th/0007054,
    Contribution to the proceedings of the Confinement Research Program
    at the Erwin Schroedinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics, Vienna, Austria,
    Coordinated by W. Lucha, A. Martin and F. Schoeberl, May-July, 2000

  15. Dyson-Schwinger Equations: Density, Temperature and Continuum Strong QCD
    C.D. Roberts and S.M. Schmidt
    nucl-th/0005064, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 45 (2000) pp. S1-S103

  16. Nonperturbative QCD with Modern Tools
    C. D. Roberts, nucl-th/9807026
    Contribution to the proceedings of the
    11th Physics Summer School on Frontiers in Nuclear Physics: From Quark-Gluon Plasma to Supernova
    ANU, Canberra, Australia, 12-23/Jan./1998

  17. Nonperturbative effects in QCD at Finite Temperature and Density
    C. D. Roberts
    nucl-th/9806088, Fiz. Elem. Chastits At. Yadra 30 (1999) pp. 537-612
    (Phys. Part. Nucl. 30 (1999) pp. 223-257)

  18. Dyson-Schwinger Equations in QCD
    C. D. Roberts, in Light-Front Quantization and Non-Perturbative QCD,
    Eds, J. P. Vary and F. Wölz. (publ. and distr. by International Institute of
    Theoretical and Applied Physics, Ames, Iowa, 1997), pp. 212-239

  19. Dyson-Schwinger Equations and their Application to Hadronic Physics
    C. D. Roberts and A. G. Williams,
    hep-ph/9403224, Prog. Part. and Nucl. Phys., Vol. 33, pp. 475-575 (1994)

Craig D. Roberts