Theory Seminars held in the year 2007-2008

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12 June 2008
Kristina Sviratcheva
Louisiana State University
[email protected]
Symplectic Ab Initio No-Core Shell Model - Taming the Model Space Dilemma
5 June 2008
Wick Haxton
INT, University of Washington
[email protected]
Probing Time-odd Moments in Atoms and Nuclei
1 May 2008
Wolfgang Bentz
Tokai University, Japan
[email protected]
Fragmentation functions in an effective quark theory
17 April 2008
Special Time: 10:30am
Dmitry G. Yakovlev
Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St.Petersburg
[email protected]
Landau and Neutron Stars
Tuesday 15 April 2008
Special Day
Jochen Wambach
GSI and TU Darmstadt
[email protected]
Viscosity in the Nambu--Jona-Lasinio Model
Tuesday 8 April 2008
Special Day
Andreas Krassnigg
University of Graz
[email protected]
Toward a complete study of mesons with the Bethe-Salpeter equation
3 April 2008
Mariana Kirchbach
Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico
[email protected]
Baryon Spectroscopy from an Exactly Solvable Quark Confinement Potential of QCD Traits
14 February 2008
Paul M. Hohler
University of Maryland, College Park, MD
[email protected]
In order to form a more perfect fluid: Does a fundamental bound on η/s exist?
7 February 2008
Hovhannes Grigoryan
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
[email protected]
Holographic dual model of QCD as an alternative tool for studying the strong interactions at low energies
Tuesday, 5 February 2008
Special Day
Suzanne Parete-Koon
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
[email protected]
The QSE-reduced Nuclear Reaction Network for Silicon Burning
31 January 2008
Special Time: 10:30am
Muslema Pervin
Argonne National Laboratory
[email protected]
Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Electroweak Transitions in Light Nuclei
24 January 2008
Rainer Schiel
University of Kansas, Lawrence
[email protected]
Neutrino Cross-Sections for Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Tuesday, 22 January 2008
Special Day
Mohamed Bouadani
Arizona State University
[email protected]
Pion Condensation in neutron matter via Auxiliary fields GFMC method
10 January 2008
Liliana Caballero
Indiana University
[email protected]
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Neutron Star Crusts
Tuesday, 8 January 2008
Special Day
Michael Forbes
University of Washington
[email protected]
The Fermion Many-Body Problem: From Cold Atoms to Cold Dark Matter
3 January 2008
Special Time: 10:30am
Hasan Yüksel
Ohio State University
[email protected]
Indirect Detection of Dark Matter
13 December 2007
Fred Myhrer
University of South Carolina
[email protected]
Resolution of the proton spin problem
Tues., 11 December 2007
Special Day
Peter Tandy
Kent State University
[email protected]
Seeking Insight for NPQCD from Heavy Quark Mesons and Current Correlators
6 December 2007
Charles Horowitz
Indiana University
[email protected]
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Dense Matter in Neutron Star Crusts
29 November 2007
Pawel Danielewicz
Michigan State University
[email protected]
Bulk Nuclear Properties from Central Reactions
1 November 2007
Colin Morningstar
Carnegie Mellon University
[email protected]
Towards the spectrum of QCD using a space-time lattice
25 October 2007
Silas Beane
University of New Hampshire
[email protected]
Hadron-hadron and hadron-hadron-hadron properties from lattice QCD
Tues., 23 October 2007
Special Day and Time: 10:30am
Renata Jora
Syracuse University
[email protected]
Model for light scalars in QCD
4 October 2007
Jianwei Qiu
Iowa State University, Ames
[email protected]
TMD factorization and parton's transverse motion
6 September 2007
Special Time: 10:30am
Aurel Bulgac
University of Washington, Seattle
[email protected]
Local Density Functional Theory for Superfluid Fermionic Systems: The Unitary Gas

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