Theory seminars held in the year 2002-2003

29 May 2003 Mihai Horoi
Central Michigan University
[email protected]
No Core Shell Model Calculations of s- and p-Shell Nuclei with the Low Momentum Interaction
17 April 2003 Shannon Cowell
University of Illinois
[email protected]
Quenching of Weak Interactions in Nucleon Matter
10 April 2003 Declan Mulhall
Cal Poly, San Louis Obispo
[email protected]
Random interactions, order and symmetry in a simple many-fermion system
27 March 2003 Boris Kopeliovich
  High-pT Pions at RHIC: Where does the Supression Come From?
18 March 2003 Sarmistha Banik
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India
  Neutron Stars: Dense Matter Laboratories
13 March 2003 Nicole Bell
[email protected]
The Universe's Lepton Number
6 March 2003 Achim Schwenk
Ohio State University
[email protected]
Renormalization group approach to neutron matter
25 February 2003 Frank Tabakin
University of Pittsburgh
[email protected]
What Wavelets are and how they can be used in Physics
13 February 2003 Joseph Carlson
Los Alamos National Laboratory
[email protected]
Simple Models of Neutron Matter
6 February 2003 Joanna Kuros-Zolnierczuk
Indiana University
[email protected]
The three-nucleon force effects in nucleon-deuteron scattering
28 January 2003 Marco Huertas 
College of William and Mary
23 January 2003 Bruno Julia'-Diaz
Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
[email protected]
Quark-Exchange Mechanisms for Two-Baryon Interactions and Deuteron Photo-disintegration Reactions
16 January 2003 Anders Gardestig 
Indiana University
[email protected]
Charge symmetry breaking in d d -> alpha p0
14 January 2003 Arne Hoell 
University of Rostock
[email protected]
 Response Properties of Relativistic Plasmas
14 November 2002 Wayne Polyzou 
University of Iowa
[email protected]
Wigner's forms of relativistic quantum mechanics
12 November 2002 Christian Fischer
University of Tuebingen
[email protected]
Non-perturbative Propagators, Running Coupling and Dynamical Mass Generation in Landau Gauge QCD
24 October 2002 Alexander Volya
[email protected]
Effective non-Hermitian Hamiltonian and continuum shell model
17 October 2002 Sameer Walawalkar
Florida State University
[email protected]
Some corrections to the quark Model of hadrons
15 August 2002  Alfredo Raya-Montaño
Michoacan University, Mexico
[email protected]
Fermion Propagator and fermion-boson vertex in QED3 

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